Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hyper-Capitalism, & Thatcher's Grandkids "Go Wild"

"Keep It Gangsta!!!"

"If only people would save their energy for slightly more worthwhile causes." ATG speaking the truth!
Quote and film found on the excellent "Ain't That Great Really" blog

"Ten police officers have been injured when scuffles broke out after 2,000 people descended on a clothing sale. Three people were arrested after the trouble at the American Apparel "rummage" event in Brick Lane, east London. The company was forced to stop the sale, which was advertised on social networking websites like Facebook, because of the "dangerous behaviour" of people queueing to get in." - Associated Press

Dumb & Dumbering Down The News

For disenfranchised young people, fed on unrealistic "Celebrity Reality", unobtainable goals, opulant music videos, and unprepared for modern life, is it any wonder that they will fight the Police, for a discounted plain white cotton T-shirt, but not for their rights and future???

interview with Steven Jacobson
"Many people, especially young people except unquestioningly the reality that is presented by the media. Popular culture, movies, television, music carry messages about how society works, and how people should behave. Entertainment is not value free, it has ideological content it has a world view that influences the people who watches the programming. Deception has become part of our social framework..." - Steven Jacobson

Illumination for the youth?...

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