Friday, 14 May 2010

Sensei.FM UK Hip-Hop Culture Radio

Defenders of the Realness!!!

Sensei.FM is an internet radio made up from ex-Itch FM DJs, Producers, Journalists and recording artists from the UK Hip-Hop Underground. It has been going for a few years but the site has just been re-launched with a new look and easier to maneuver, and soon to have a massive archive of shows representing Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronica, B-Boy Breaks and all types of Beats for your head!

The Station plays host to such greats as:
The captain of UK Hip-Hop industry and all round supporter of UK scene Disorda,
Some one the Kool Skool has featured before Producer and DJ DJ Roast and his show Roast Beatz
Ewan Huzarmi and his Esoteric Mega mixes
Breakin' Bread, Conspiracy Radio, sister Fabia mixing it up, The Steel Devils with an excellent "Go-Go Tear-Up", Shotcallers, our Zulu Sister Jda Cut, The Zulu Nation Rap Show and many more!!!

Sensei.FM regularly broadcasts live streaming shows more details here

The Kool Skool is also on and it will be the only place besides The Kool Skool Blog that you will be able to hear exclusive mixes and archives shows!!!

You and Huzarmi in Deep Concentration!!!

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