Monday, 21 June 2010

"The Art" - Ivory Dukes "Chains Unbreakable" Graffiti Production

Grand Puba "Foundation Rocks True Mathematics" character by Shucks One ID

Some of the Ivory Dukes/Idiots Crew paint out Stockwell for a quick little production based on 88' Rap styles, High-top Fades, Cazals, Chanel, Door Knockers and Miami colour ways! "Stoooopid!"

Burning Agent ID sketch

Baskin & Robbins Bubblegum Flaves

True Mathematics characters by Shucks One ID


Kidney Juice

Pink Grapefruit Oasis

Silly Allen by Jobe ID

ID Crew "Chains Unbreakable" (Click image to see larger)
from left:
Gent (Agent ID), Math (Jobe ID) Wisher ID, Grand Puba character Shucks One ID, Oreo (Shucks One ID)

Special thanks to Solo One for the mulsh refills! Yo to Ment!

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