Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Long Live Itch FM!!!! "Can't A Damn Thing Stop It!!!"

Itch FM piece by Shucks One ID/UZN 2001

The Kool Skool is uploading Real Hip-Hop radio from 7 years of Pirate broadcast, Radio shows from the Itch FM era, on the UK's premier Hip-Hop Radio station Sensei.FM. The Kool Skool is in the process of editing some of the 200+ interviews with Hip-Hop legends for Radio specials, watch this space!!!!

Itch FM sketch by Shucks One ID/UZN 2001

The UK's number 1 Homegrown supporter and Ex-Itch Don DJ Disorda is also uploading legendary shows featuring live sessions with the cream of the U.K. scene to his profile. Check in here

Itch FM gained a lot of grass roots support from Graffiti writers and we plastered our stickers EVERYWHERE!!!

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