Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cozzabags - Boganics Mixtape (Video & Free Download)

Cozzabags MC, Producer & SDM Family member, has dropped a hiilarious concept album mixing new production, some well known beats, samples and Aussie referances! Check out the the Cozzabags - Boganics Mixtape on Bandcamp. Your not ready for Boganics - the Aussie Ebonics!!!!

Cozzabags - Boganics Mixtape
"This is a concept album, in the sense that I've used Samples from music and comedy I grew up with, so it's a tribute to all 80s and 90s stuff. I have an album coming out later in 2011 that will (hopefully) move forward from this and into the new millennium!" - Cozzabags

1. Rude Intro 00:39
2. Fire (Burn the house down, original version) 03:52
3. Rude interlude 1
4. Righteous Indignation
5. Better than you
6. Rude interlude 2
7. Crappin on till the break a dawn (130 Bars)
8. Rude interlude 3
9. Boganics (Real men don't eat Quiche, original version)
10. Rude interlude 4
11. Fire (Low level flame, radio version)
12. Boganics (Quiche eater friendly, radio version)
13. Young dero shout outs

There's the first vid here, others to come:

And the other bits:

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