Thursday, 8 September 2011

New King HEX 1 TGO for 2011????! Welcome Back!!!!

HEX 1 TGO FOR SKILL UTI (R.I.P.) 2011 Welcome Back!
Anyone from the UK and Europe for that matter knows about Steam156's Legendary Graffiti Pages in "Hip Hop Connnection" Magazine. One of the most important artists he featured for the development 90's Graffiti was the feature on L.A. B-Boy/Graffiti Writer and Hip-Hop Shop Owner Hex. Missing from the scene for over 18 years "he turned his focus and time to helping ward of the court, criminal juveniles full time as a mentor, crisis counselor and teacher". Thanks to his Homeboy SANTO TGO, the world can see his new hits and the reason Hex will always be a King! For more flicks and info on Hex please go to:
Hex photos on Steam156's Aerosol Planet

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The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

Hex is legend!! I remember when Bee255 had him come out to the IE and do this piece at our local high school.

Alot heads thought Hex had died but many people who knew him said he just left the scene and went underground. I guess now he's back.