Friday, 18 November 2011

‘FOUNDATION ROCKS’ An Exhibition of Works from SHUCKS ONE 30/11/11 - 8/1/12

An Exhibition of Works from Shucks One
In association with WAYout charity and the unveiling of a limited addition
Jonas Ranson wall paper.
DALSTON SUPERSTORE,117 Kingsland High Street E8 2PB
Exhibition runs Wednesday 30th Nov – 8th  Jan
Cookie Crew "Queens of the South" by Shucks One (Detail)

UK artist Shucks One Is an Artist, Radio DJ, Youth worker and journalist specialising in hip-hop music and culture.
With this exhibition he presents a unique visual collection celebrating the themes of consciousness, positive attributes and important figures in Classic UK and US Hip-hop culture, discussing its wider implications on modern culture.

"Little Daddy Street Sweeper"by Shucks One (Detail)

Through painting Shucks One has developed a way of expressing and contextualising the history of modern day street music and art. Using a variety of objects as canvasses, such as furniture, clothing, masks and found wood, Shucks One creates a sketchbook, a mix tape way of exhibiting work, going back to the core ethics of street music and art. Using bold colours, pattern reminiscent of tribal fabric prints and ancient symbols Shucks One discusses themes of cultural heritage.

 "Kool Gumby Fade" by Shucks One (Detail)

“The term ‘old school’ is often banded around without any real understanding of the underlying themes. With this series of works I intend to explore messages and concepts, not just from hip-hop, but human history as well. It is part history lesson, part hip hop project.”

 "Kool Moe Dee" Graffiti by Shucks One (Detail)

Foundation Rocks’ combines a series of portraits, illustrations and sculpture, capturing the original hip hop mantras of ‘peace, love, and unity; knowledge, wisdom and understanding’, presenting a challenge to the dominating themes of violence, negativity and corporatism which resonate throughout hip-hop today. The project is the artists’ search to rediscover these foundation principles by retracing the history of UK hip hop music and the individuals making it. It is an attempt to cement the originators of UK hip hop as icons for British music fans, who are often more familiar with the originators in the US.

"The Godfather" Jean Jacket by Shucks One (Detail)

The exhibition is a visual interpretation of interviews Shucks One conducted with hip hop pioneers of the 1980s, whose music influenced a whole generation of young men and women in the UK. The works addresses issues of history, identity and religion.

Shucks One will be donating a percentage of any sales made from the exhibition and will also be holding a raffle on the night of the private view to raise money for the charity WAYout.

WAYout Charity provides arts and media training to disadvantaged and street youth in Sierra Leone. In 2010 it worked with over 600 young people who explored subjects as diverse as street life, HIV and teenage
pregnancy, using music, comedy, soap opera and documentary. Their films have reached audiences in excess of 35,000 people. Users now tell us they want a base. A place where they can write, rehearse,
learn, edit, shoot, show their work or just exchange ideas and support each other. The Hub/ arts centre is the natural next step and is what we are currently fundraising for.

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