Thursday, 8 December 2011

UK Zulu TJ Chill & The Kaos Krew Rare Underground UK Hip-Hop

TJ Chill on his long running Zulu Nation Rap Show that featured on Itch FM, Brent Radio show Bang FM/Life FM

UK Universal Zulu Nation member and longtime friend of The Kool Skool - TJ Chill put us on to some never before seen videos and back catalogue tracks from his Hip-Hop group Kaos Krew as well as a bit of background info. Their unreleased album Mind Revolution was recorded at the Shepards Bush Monroe Studios, also the home Kold Sweat Records a hub of early 90's UK Hip-Hop, that released Katch 22, Son of Noise, SL Troopers, Standing Ovation, Krispy 3, Unanimous Decision, F9's, Dynametrix, and others.

Next Version - KAOS Krew: Recorded in 1998 released as a radio only single in 1999 (Last KAOS Krew record to date...)

"KAOS Krew are TJ Chill, Jonie D, and Peek-a-Boo. Formed in 1985 and recorded until 1999. Musically it was hardcore Hip Hop with social commentary lyrics. They were the first UK Hip Hop group to record at the famous Abbey Road Studios, were often heard on late night radio shows and their unreleased album Mind Revolution contains some prophetic messages and a uniquely original musical approach for its time. At the height of their activities they played 2 sold out shows at Brixton Academy and Jonie D was the first Hip Hop artist to perform live on British Breakfast Television being interview by a young Lorraine Kelly. Here, exclusively, are some of the rough gems from the KAOS Krew vault and thus another time capsule example of the vibrant yet underexposed UK Hip Hop Scene at the time."

Seek and Ye Shall Find - KAOS Krew: Recorded in 1997 from the unreleased album 'Mind Revolution'

Latin Trinity - KAOS Krew: Recorded in 1996 from the unreleased album 'Mind Revolution'

UK Universal Zulu Nation

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