Wednesday, 13 June 2012

UK Graffiti Legends The Chrome Angels Group Show 15/612 - 14/7/12 @ The Outsiders London

The Chrome Angelz
15 June – 14 July 2012
The Outsiders 
8 Greek St,

The first ever group show from The Chrome 

Angelz at The Outsiders, showcasing 

new and unseen work from

Europe’s most influential graffiti crew. In 
addition, photography and archival work  
will be exhibited, providing audiences a  
rare insight into their unique history.  
Member artists Mode 2, Scribla, Zaki Dee, Pride and Bando, will regroup for their debut exhibition  
to present new works, that epitomise their long-held commitment to creating a distinctly European  
aesthetic by way of the style, and enduring spirit of graffiti culture. Paintings, drawings and  
sculptural works will be on display as part of the new series of works, alongside selected pieces
from their archives that reveal the influence, and boundary-pushing impact of their early output.

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