Friday 12 October 2012

The Story Of Philly Hip-Hop - "L.G.The Teacher" Goodman, Pop Art, Hilltop Hustlers

Cool C, Steady B, Lawrence "L.G." Goodman and brother Dana Goodman and others of Philly's legendary HillTop Hustlers in the late 80's

The Story of Philladelphia Hip-Hop, is the story of East Coast Hip-Hop. Before Cold Chillin', Lawrence "L.G. The Teacher"  signed rising Queensbridge NY stars Roxanne Shante, MC Shan to his the independant Pop Art Record label, and the rest was history. Where Hip-Hop DJ Battle style, hard Rap's, flashy style and Islamic knowledge  merged to play a huge part in the next step in Hip-Hop's progress into the late 80's.

Old school Philly hip hop 1988 ft Radio Legend Lady B, Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince pt. 1
channel 12 whyy documentary on 80's philly hip hop.

Old school Philly hip hop 1988 ft Schoolly D & DJ Code Money

Old school Philly hip hop 1988 ft Yvette Money

The Documentary of Lawrence "L.G. The Teacher"  (Trailer)
The documentary of the man who birthed the Philadelphia Hip Hop scene and started the careers of Will Smith,Salt & Pepa,Cool C,Steady B,Roxanne Shante,Biz Markie,Da Youngstas,3 Times Dope,& many more.Check out this never before told historic story.

The Goodman Faculty - Lawrence "L.G. The Teacher"  (The Godfather of Philadelphia) 
A photo time line of the godfather of Philadelphia "Lawrence Goodman".Take a look at how he came up from the infamous "Black Mafia" era & being a bonified hustler "Money Maker" in the harsh streets of West Philly with his younger brother Dana Goodman & crew.Also,you'll see the golden era of Philly hip-hop with L.G. & the Hilltop Hustlers (Steady B & Cool C) and his son Quran Goodman.

From the classic compilation "n.y./philly rap connection" Produced by Lawrence "L.G. The Teacher" and Dana Goodman for Word-Up/Pop Art

Steady B. - Serious ft & Produced by KRS One

DJ Tat Money talks about his start as a DJ, meeting Steady B & Kwame
Philadelphia Legend DJ Tat Money.

Cool C - Enemy Territory

Steady B talks in around 1994 about C.E.B. a HillTop Hustler super group consiting of Cool C Cool E  & Steady B

EST and crew freestylin' and gigging on Cool C on Krush Rap

"The V.I.P. Section" Legendary Philly Rapper E.S.T. (3Xdope)
D Wil sits down with legendary philly rapper E.S.T and talks about the new crop of Philly Rappers. E.S.T. gives his thoughts on Meek Millz, Young Chris and More.

Three Times Dope - Greatest Man Alive

Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town (LIVE @ The Trocadero 5/14/2011)
Tuff Crew repping for West Philly with DJ Detonator Too Tuff!

Tuff Crew - Open Field Attack

Da Youngsta's - Crewz Pop ft Treach of Naughty By Nature
Da Youngstas were a hip-hop trio that consisted of two brothers, Taji "Taj Mahal" Goodman and Qu'ran Goodman, and their cousin Tarik Dawson, hailing from Philadelphia.

Interview with Da Youngsta's Quran Goodman (Son of Lawrence "L.G." Goodman, brother of Da Youngsta's Taji "Taj Mahal" Goodman & cousin of Steady B)

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