Monday, 21 October 2013

TJ Chill (Universal Zulu Nation/Kaos Crew/SenseiFM/Itch FM Elder) 1st Solo Album "Cool Like Pacino" OUT NOW

 TJ Chill – Cool Like Pacino
Available on i-Tunes and all other digital formats NOW!

Afrika Bambaataa’s UK Zulu Nation stalwart and MC from the UK Hip Hop group KAOS Krew, TJ Chill, launches his impressive debut album. With features from Alex Watson; Prem C; The Sweet Chap; Ricky Rankin; Black Moth Connection; Tim Westwood; Mikey Sovereign; Opera singer Melodee Fernandez; Black Thunder; Cobra; DJ Fin and of course the KAOS Krew. 

TJ Chill - C'mon!
Production courtesy of TJ Chill; DJ Rumple; TC; Fernando Duhalde; Blackmoth Connection; Pixie; DVD and Tom Marsh (Repairman/Elbow). Recorded at MAP Music; Stanley House and Abbey Road Studios.

Cool Like Pacino is TJ Chill’s 3rd release of 2013 following his single collaboration ‘Pioneers’ with Redd Emcee and then the single ‘Spitting Blood’.

JDA Cut (Universal Zulu Nation/Sensei.FM/Itch FM Elder) & TJ Chill (Universal Zulu Nation/Kaos Crew/SenseiFM/Itch FM Elder)

TJ Chill is a familiar face on the Hip Hop scene in his Zulu Nation capacity and presented the Zulu Nation Rap Show on Itch FM which promoted and broke other UK artists. He was a co-founder of Sensei FM and in 2012 he hosted the first ever UK Hip Hop Honours Awards.

He’s back to MC-ing and this 14 track album with its loose homage to screen icon Al Pacino (where each track contains a subtle reference to Mr Pacino or one of his films), displays a variety of Hip Hop styles from funk to hardcore to classical to freestyle to soulful.

TJ Chill on the album ‘Cool Like Pacino’: “It was built to be an album experience in the way that Led Zeppelin used to do it back in the day. I was also aiming to make it the best debut album since Definitely Maybe! Although I am 100% Hip Hop, I have a very punk approach which was there even from my earliest KAOS Krew days. It has to be funky, it has to be loud and it has to have attitude and I think all of that can be said about this album”

in 1998 the KAOS KREW (TJ CHILL, JONIE D and PEEKABOO) re-entered the studio after a considerable hiatus and released the hardcore radio single NEXT VERSION.

RECORD LABEL CONTACT: Carl Jorgensen at Black Pyramid Recordings 
E: info@blackpyramidrecordings
TJ Chill management: Yasmin Allen at Rosie Management 07715 929 394

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