Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cool Brother Met Limited Edition Sweatshirt & T-Shirt & More BlackBook Mathematics

London Original Schooler, Lo-Lifer, Style Dominator & Teacher of The Seeds "Chairman of the Board Mr Met" has collaborated on a Limited Edition Wu Inspired - "Same Damn Lo Sweater". LIMITED TO 25!!! 

Get them ASAP - HERE

So to see why you need one of these, here is a Part 2 of The Kool Skool Blackbook Mathematics with the CBM General!

Part 1 of The Kool Skool Blackbook Mathematics with Mr Met can be seen HERE 

Zig-Zag-Zig - The Code

Mr Met - CBurnMans 

Met Owed & Sub The Pit R.I.P. F**k Stella Macartney!!!

Radio Rental Mr Met

Chairman of the Board Mr Met

Pencil Styler 

 Mr Met by Shucks One 

Cant Burn This Episode 2!
West Londons Realest take to the CBT stage, no introduction necessary we welcome CREPT + MET - CBM
Please don't forget to check the site @

Jyer CBMania

Crime Time

F**k Your Couch

Children Born Mental

Met by Shucks One

Claim Benefits Mate!

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