Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Like It Is - The Covert War Against Malcolm X (& Several Rare Documentaries)

Like It Is (With Gil Noble)- The Covert War Against Malcolm X (1983 Documentary)

Like It Is (With Gil Noble)- The Covert War Against Malcolm X (1983 Documentary)

(Found on Forbez DVD)

Features recording of FBI Agents trying to apply preasure on Malcolm X to inform on the Nation Of Islam during his 90 Day suspension & Interview with Robert Haggins (Malcolm X's Photographer) & Earl Grant (Malcolm X's Aide). 

"He looked like he was hypnotised, like a robot" Earl Grant (Malcolm X's Aide) on the assassin of Malcolm X

The Assassination of Malcolm X - book by George Breitman (Author), Herman Porter (Author), Baxter Smith (Author)  1976 Pathfinder Press

March 1st 1965 (8 Days after Assassination) "Office of Percy Sutton, MalcolmX'x Lawyer is Burglarized and thoroughly searched.Some of Malcolm X's papers are stolen. Where Government "Plumbers" involved?" - Page 16 from The Assassination of Malcolm X

"A Decade Of Struggle" How the FBI Sabotaged Black America
Documentary by Gil Noble on the intentional destruction of Black America by the FBI using infiltration, counter-intelligence programs and drugs. From Marcus Garvey to Paul Robeson to Martin Luther King to Malcolm X to Fred Hampton, to the Black Panthers to heroin and crack, the FBI has worked to destroy black people. Includes interview with Darthard Perry, Ex-informer for the FBI.

Also features a rare appearance of Chancellor James Williams Sociologist/Historian and Author of "The Destruction of Black Civilization"


Malcolm X Make It Plain (Full PBS Documentary)

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