Friday, 6 February 2009

Tuff City Rockin'!

Everyone knows that The Kool Skool is the home of Tuff City Records, so its only right that we fill you in on all the new releases from our favourite imprint!!!

The 45 King's the 900 Number: the 20th Anniversary Project
45 King

Ol' Skool Flava LP 4040 Price: $7.95
Cover by Joey Vega (Kool Skool interview coming soon...)

Classic DJ Tool The 900 Number is being Re-issued, any DJ who doesn't have this is not one...
"Twenty Years later, Tuff City Records is proud to announce a 20th Anniversary Tribute album to the 45 King, the man who may have ushered in the age of sample based production, and his iconic song. Featuring remixes by from artists across the spectrum, and new versions from Latee (his first recording in perhaps fifteen years) and Chill Rob G, the record is a celebration of Mark’s contribution to music history."
Latee is better known for his smooth flow on his track "The King Is Here" (1988), and being the 45 Kings brother, and of course Chill Rob G for the ORIGINAL "I got The Power", and "This Court Is Now In Session" and many others.

Grandmaster Caz
Ol' Skool Flava LP 4031 Price: $7.95

Cover art by Phase2

The Cold Crush Brother's Caz is the MC all of the Golden Era Rappers wanted to be, from DMC to LL and Busta Rhymes, his influence is evident. This album is a serious slice of old school battle rhymes and with early production by Marley Marl and Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic), and the in house Drummer/producer from the Sugar Hill Record Label Pumkin, you will not be disappointed...
"Ol’ Skool Flava presents GRANDMASTER CAZ’s “YOU NEED STITCHES: The Tuff City Sessions,” which is the first ever collection of his solo productions. This album includes the previously unreleased “Ain’t Takin’ No Shorts” and “Caz Is Goin Off” as well as productions Ced Gee and Pumkin."

The Ol' Skool Flava of…Delmar International
Various Artists
Ol' Skool Flava LP 4037 Price: $7.95

We know about the track "When You're Standing On the Top" by The Super Three, but on the other dusty finds on this 4 track EP we are not afraid to say when we don't!!! We pride ourselves on keeping the Disco Rap alive at the Kool Skool, so you know we will be playing this to DEF!!!
"Tuff City Records has turned to the very origins of recorded hip-hop for the newest release on their Ol’ Skool Flava Imprint: the Ol’ Skool Flava of Delmar International (OSF LP 4037). The issue focuses on some of the first ever recorded hip-hop songs, produced by Harlem legend Delmar Donnell. We all know of the equally excellent and rare track by Super Three, “Philosophy Rappin Spree” – but Tuff City has done one better. Available for the first time, here, there or anywhere, the release features the bass and drum heavy REMIX of “Philosophy Rappin’ Spree,” an eleven minute sprint of lyrics, hard beats and large hall reverb. The sound is better than ever, as Tuff City Records unearthed a lone master tape of the session. The release is rounded out by the Super 3’s “When You’re Standing on the Top,” Spyder D’s “Spinning Webs and Rapping Rhymes” and Community People’s “Education Wrap,” a very early example of positive message rap. All of these songs feature Delmar Donnell’s exquisite production and his legendary studio band."

Tuff City Hip-Hop
The 45 King
Grandmaster Caz

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