Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Professor Griff Live on Today 5th Feb 09!

Public Enemy's XMinister is supposed to be live on information Radio station today! Professor Griff has been very vocal about the negative aspects influencing the Hip Hop Culture, and has made many documentaries and lectures, one of which is in our "Can't fool me my mind is free!!!" Real Reality TV section.

His house was recently gutted by fire under suspicious circumstances, and was refused permission to leave the US to travel on a tour with Public Enemy last year. Professor Griff will follow previous guests Bay Area concious MC Paris, and KRS-One on the Alex Jones radio show. I cannot find any details on it but it re-streams through the night. The Universal Zulu Nation's Afrika Bambaataa will soon also be a guest.

Black Dot (Hip-Hop Decoded) and Professor discussion the Metaphysics of Hip-Hop Music
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Professor Griff - Pawns In The Game (1990)

Professor Griff's Myspace Page

Black Dot's Matrix of Hip-Hop

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