Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"Dirty Laundry" Art Show

The Kool Skool's Shucks One will be displaying a new painting at an exiting mix of contemporary artists at the Dalston Super Store in East London. The show is called Dirty Laundry and the artists have been asked to intemperate the phrase into new works.

Shuck's piece is based on the Mohammed El Gharani and Omar Khadr, the two have been held without formal charges in Quantanamo Bay since 2001, and arrived as teenagers.

Mohammed El Gharani Guantanemo's youngest inmate

Mohammed was just 14 years old and Omar 15 when they arrived at Camp X-Ray, and are still being detained despite a US Federal Judge ordering the immediate release of Mohammed, and Judges in Canada are ordering that the government pressure the US government for his repatriation. The piece "Summer Camp X-Ray" is hoped by the artist to raise awareness about the two men's status and situation, and inspire debate.
More info can be found at:

The event starts on Thursday the 4th and runs for weeks at:
Dalston Super Store
117 Kingsland High Street
E8 2PB

While creating the piece Shucks was mostly listening to:

DJ Soulstar's Podcast

Phil Most Chill's new B-Boy Breaks tape

Tony Touch Breaks mix found on the hiphop battlefield blog

DJ Klose One's Spring mix on the Ain't That Great blog

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