Monday, 15 June 2009

Is This The Future??? Terminator Salvation

Building the Perfect Terminator

Obviously the new Terminator movie, is just that - a movie, but it is interesting that some of the technology in the public domain, suggests that Android Armies might not be so far off in the future. As many people are aware of the fact that, top secret Military Research and Development budgets often far out way civilian projects. "New" technologies in the civilian/public domain are often spin off's of projects previously Developed with a Military objective. Many of these videos, (some declassified "promotional") although not new, are an interesting to look at the possible direction, and battlefields of "Future Warfare."

Alien Exoskeleton for U.S. Army [Future Tech]


TOYOTA i-foot

Beyond Human: Can a Robot Be a Person?

Army's Mini-Drone Swarm
In this animated promotional video, defense contractor BAE Systems shows off its vision for "Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology" -- tiny, swarming, bug-like robots. The Army just gave the company a $38
million contract to head up a consortium of researchers into the next-gen mini-drones.

Military Autogun prototype
Animation not based on anything but very likely much like similar Prototypes being looked at

Unmanned Ripsaw MS1 and Command Center

U.S Army Future Combat Systems 40t Prototype Tank
40Ton Tank & Plastic TRank Prototypes

High-Technology M113 Gavins: Real Future Combat System
Electric/Fibre-Optic control

Fascinating website looking at all aspects of the possible future of Warfare...
"Project Horizon Military update is intended as an informational page to field answers for many of the questions we are receiving regarding breaking tactical technologies as they become declassified."

Incredible Weapon Technology!

Future Combat Systems - North Korea 2014

2:38mins Interesting Ret. Brig General Israeli Army discussing employing Architectural & Cultural Street environments into Military planning.
"A revolution in military thinking is taking place these very days, in which the military understands that future wars will take place in cities." - Video Description

Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle video
Promo video of Honeywell's 'hover and stare' drone

Israel Air Force Unveils Latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Earlier this week the Air Force held its traditional technology display revealing the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles and state of the art weapons systems. Eitan is the largest UAV built by Israel and Efroni, the smallest.10/10/07

Magpul FMG9 Collapsible weapon
Flashlight MachineGun - FMG - 9
"Machine Gun That Fits In Your Pocket"

Interesting Military technology website here

Nobody Beats The Drum - "The Drum"

2012 - The Future of Mankind
The Granada Forum -
Michael Tsarion gives a talk at the Granada Forum in Los Angeles, 2006.

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