Saturday, 1 August 2009 Is Back!

Steam 156 THE Hardest working man in the Graff documentation game and his mega site is back! Steam156 is the real deal, documenting the UK and International scene since the early 80's till now with amazing stamina. He has the biggest collection of London Foundation Graffiti crew TCA (The Chrome Angels) flicks, and has gone to New York over 30 times for flicks, and has one of the best collections of the early Los Angeles Masterpiece movement. His infamous slide shows were legendary in the UK graffitti scene and his regular Graffiti section in the early HHC Hip-Hop Connection fed Europe with tidbits of what was going on in the early days.

Iz The Wiz (R.I.P.) & Steam156 in the Bronx 1990?

HEX WCA 1990 photo by Steam156

The new look website is a fresh look. Join up! Tell a freind to tell a friend!

Aerosol Planet DVD Vol. 4 out now! Availiable at HQ Store Brixton

For an exclusive interview with the man himself on the Kool Skool Radio Show

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