Saturday 29 August 2009

Get Open Crew/Alphabet Soup

The Get Open Crew
(from left)Kiambu/Push, Devan/Seyes, Baruch, Siba Giba and friend below
The crew was a collection of DJs, MCs, Producers and Graffiti writers, this was taken by me in New York 1992

Push Seyes 1992
Push was also known as Kiambu, an MC in Alphabet Soup (Headrush) an Early 90's Hiphop group, and Bruknahm. They had the sickest Blackbooks I have ever seen then and since. Next to the Syo (Seyes) throwy is a Omni 156/AOK/XTC/BYI throw up, who we also knew.

Push Blackbook Piece

Seyes83 Blackbook Throw-up

Alphabet Soup Press Shot
The group consisted of:
(from left Nubian, Melkuan, Deflon, Brother Love and Kiambu)

The group came out in 1991, and sounded similar to the Native Tongue's Black Sheep, but the production was a bit more experimental, and it was more openly Conscious/Political. It was released by independent label Akirfa Recordings which I think was based in a Comic shop, because that's where I got my copy, until Kiambu gave me some more to give to UK DJs. I met the rest of the group briefly when they came to our collage to chill with Kiambu.
I have a copy of a radio tape I recorded in London Xmas 1991 of Westwood or someone on Kiss playing it, and it featured in a Hip-Hop chart (Blues & Soul?) when it came out too. The group was forced to change their name to Headrush as there was another group called Alphabet Soup at that time on a major label.

Alphabet Soup E.P. 1991 Cover

Download theE.P. here Courtesy of L. Max Toilet’s “Toiletries” original post

Kiambu became a part of Bruknahm with along with Siba Giba and X-clan associate Saundi, and Released and album under that name and still record under the name The Get Open Crew, working with some European artists and Sadat X (Brand Nubian, LowLife). Deflon produced a track on a Mo Wax compilation in 95/96.

Siba Giba originally from Paris, grew up in New York City, going back and forth. He has released two books, one a Hip-Hop version of the famous original Paris Graffiti Book 'Paris-Tonkar', featuring interviews with KRS-One, Tim Dog, and others in 1992. The other one was a Jazz book project, "Jazz Zoom, Carryin’ It On" started by his mother by Desdemone Bardin, who sadly passed away before she could see it finished. Desdemone Bardin was one of the first French educators to use Hip-Hop as a way to teach English, and was an early promoter of the culture in Paris.
He released his first record with a German label, and recorded a crew track with fellow label mates First Down a UK Hip-Hop group featuring Aroe (Aroe & The Soundmakers).
He runs OvertimeRecords and has produced for California early 90's underground legends Freestyle Fellowship, Daddy-O (Stetsasonic), Everlast (House Of Pain) and others.

He is currently working on The Hip Hop Loves Foundation. The Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHLF) educates underprivileged people globally through Hip-Hop culture’s positive and unifying attributes.

He is still making music and here is a exclusive copy of his Swagger Like Us remix
Swagger Like Us SibaGiba Brazil Remix - T.I., Lil'Wayne, Jay-Z etc
Download here

'Paris-Tonkar' The French Graffiti scenes version of Subway Art
Info for Paris-Tonkar
'Paris-Tonkar' Graffiti art in Paris and France in the 1980s." Doriath, Ben Yakhlef Format : 21 X 24 à l'italienne. Prix Public TTC: 190 FF. ISBN: 2-908382-09-6.


toilet said...

Interesting stuff. Always wanted to know more about Alphabet Soup as it's an amazing record.

The Kool Skool said...

Thanks I wasn't really planning on putting this up, I was looking through some old flicks and noticed other people had talked about them but with no info...
Great illustrations, especially the book & game covers.
All the best
peace from the Kool Skool

kash said...

Dude i got this shit on vinyl from way back when i was in Glasgow.....Big...

The Kool Skool said...

Thanks Kash, I think its a dope record for many reasons. If it came out on Fondle'em or one of the independant labels who knows. But as we all know like the internet a few years ago, the independant record label scene was fresh and as the name implies "independant", free from corperate tie ins. Music is the new Dinosaurs.