Monday, 7 September 2009

Ghost Writer, "I'm The Cat That You Don't See!!!"

Ghost Writer
a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc., for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.
Also, ghostwriter.
1895–1900, Americanism

Mad Skills- Ghost Writer

Came up with Timberland, VA native, smashed NY MCs at Open Mic battles, produced by the best of the era, think Large Professor. Wrote lyrics for alot of BIG rappers and called them out on this live version!!!!! Come!

The Game - Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer Rapper - Sauce Money
Sauce Money is an MC who for the late Versace era was getting alot of Magazine coverage. He released a few independant underground 12"s on rare labels, but got a name Ghost Writing, or writing lyrics for other "Made" Rappers. It was a while ago but I remember him saying he wrote for Mase, Lil Cease and no doubt several Rocafella Records affilliates, Jay-Z?

Sauce Money - Last Real N**** Alive Freestyle
Kay Slay Drama King Freestyle
"It was my man Jay(-Z) who discovered me, I remembered the Rock(afella) used to cover me..." Sauce exclaiming the lack of support from Rocafella records that he claims he helped write hits for, "without clearance (credit)".
Perhaps hinting that he ghost wrote for Beanie Seigal, amonst others??

Big Jaz/Jaz-O Marcy Projects old School MC guests on Sauces 1999 album he also claims Jay-Z didn't support his career once he blew, allegedly... Read more here

Sauce Money (DJ Premier) - Against The Grain

Sauce Money VS. Nature (The Firm)
OOOH No! Nature (The Firm) calls Sauce one of the Fat Boys...
"You're claim to fame is that you call me fat?!!! Well anyone who can see n***** can call me that! Well heres the thing Purse Snatcher...." - Sauce Wins!
Hilarious! Purse Snatcher.... Pwaaaaaahhahahaha!

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goto youtube gsus187 to see new sauce money material also look out for his new video sniper shot coming soon!