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Way Out Sierra Leone Music Project

Way Out -Sierra Leone Music Project

For 11 years Sierra Leone was embroiled in one of the most brutal conflicts ever reported. It left the country classified as the second poorest in the world, with unemployment amongst young people estimated at 70%.

Republic of Sierra Leone

After the war, music played its part in rebuilding the country giving a voice to the disenfranchised and, in the 2007 Government elections, a group of musicians called Artists for Peace toured the country promoting peace not violence.

Artists for Peace

Way Out's flagship project is working in Sierra Leone to enable young people to express themselves and in expressing themselves by producing music, accessing equipment and gain opportunities through their creativity. The young people will benefit from the project creatively, socially and economically; creatively, providing an opportunity to produce music and explore their talents; socially, providing an opportunity to voice their opinions and feelings; and economically, providing them with job opportunities and security for their future.

Sierra Leone musicians talking with Mike Chandler/DJ Furious of Way Out &

Music has the potential to provide a means of expression for young people and many jobs but;
Music is not taught in schools.

There are very few live instruments.

There is only one music school in the country, and it charges fees.

There are few studios and costs are high.

And yet, it is said, that 70% of all young people want to make music.

In October 2007, Way Out Arts went on a fact-finding mission to Sierra Leone, where we spoke to some of the leading artists, record labels, DJs, musicians, music schools and youth organisations. They found out what they thought was needed to support young people into music-based opportunities and to support them for the future.

The Way Out Sierra Leone Project is a result of what was fed back through that consultation.

Music Is Life will be supporting WAYout as their main charity at their next Spotlight Sessions event, down at MotherBar (above the 333 club, Old Street) on Thursday 8th October - please come down and support!

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Mike Chandler aka The Furious is a DJ Film Maker and Youth Worker based in the UK. As a long running DJ on London'ds Hip-Hop station he produced the ITCH FM - Lost City Part3 and his podcast site is here. He is now a DJ on London's all Element Hip-Hop Internet station Check his profile on here, and a free download of ITCH FM - Lost City Part3 and more mitapes available on
He has made many documentary films with his Production Company Wilderness Pictures including the "Stay Sailing: The Future of Pirate Radio", and works with young people to help transform their ideas into short films.

Interesting clip from MTV documentary about Hip-Hop's obsession with Diamonds and Jewellery

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