Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ivory Dukes at the New Attractions Festival in Holland

Big in the Strasse

The ID Crew was kindly invited to the New Attraction Festival in the Netherlands by The Def Kids this year. It was an excellent event, really mixed people and age ranges and everyone came in peace to listen to a Dutch only line up!

Dutch Hip-Hop is really interesting, the production is varied, the quality of the DJs, and the selection of eras in Hip-Hop was a lot more open minded than many of the DJs on the international scene right now. DJ Lo Pro, South African odd ball Jack Parow, Kleine Jay & Cartes Zo Moeilijk, Salah Edin, more Dutch Hip-Hop vids can be found here. Many thanks to The Def Kids, Sexy People and the Belgian Family for a really Kool day!

ID on the set!

Zo Moeilijk - Was Me Naam full version here

The main Tent early on in the day

Reebok Classics and free paint, bringing a slice of London to the Netherlands

B-Boy Doc-Document Sketch By Shucks One ID

Rose tinted Cazals, Relaxed waves, Ranking Links and same damn $500 sweater

Pref/Idiotic/Shuks 3-word freestyle by Pref ID

Wisher ID

The Kool Skool T-shirts sold out in 5 minutes at the jam!

ID chick magnet

The Def Kids! Sept, Dase Puse





Characters by Shucks One ID, Wisher ID & Pref/Idiotic/Shuks 3-word freestyle by Pref ID

Yo Def Kids & Sexy People!!!

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