Sunday, 18 July 2010

Video Music Box & The Return of Crazy Sam

Uncle Ralph

Video Music Box was a Hip-Hop Television Show on Public Access Channel in New York. It was on in the after school slot and years before Yo! MTV and BET, when it was impossible to see Hip-Hop videos on Television. It is another example of the D.I.Y. attitude typified by Hip-Hop culture. VJ/DJ Uncle Ralph and his roving camera crew could be found at all the jams and Hip-Hop and Dancehall events around NY, and the crowd "Shout out" section of the show brought the real down to earth feel to the show. Video Music Box broke many, now famous artists and is a corner stone to Hip-Hop Music as we now know it.

Uncle Ralph featured in the Hip-Hop film Who's The Man? He was the associate producer of the motion picture Juice and founded his own film and production company. If you would like to find out more about Video Music Box and the movie Juice click here

A.G., Showbiz, Fat Joe, KRS-One, Red Alert, Sadat X, Dres and Lord Finesse Backstage At The Fever With Uncle Ralph McDaniels - 1992
The 1st time Fat Joe (The Promoter) featured on T.V. at The Fever

You can catch Uncle Ralph on saturday's on HOT 97. Ralph has a brand new video show, "The Bridge", where Old school hip hop is new again. Uncle Ralph at Myspace

Crazy Sam

"Crazy Sam made Nervous Thursdays on Video Music Box the most popular show on television in New York City. Crazy Sam was a pioneer of live street comedy, paving the way for comedians like Tom Green and Jackass. A true original. Watch out for new episodes of Nervous Thursdays coming soon - new characters and new skits!" from here

"Crazy Sam was hilarious, I remember the Adventures of Billy Strongman, and one Video Music Box episode he turned up in London and rang on Monie Love's door at about 8am, she was straight from bed wearing a dressing gown, she looked really embarrassed, it was really funny. In 1995 Crazy Sam came over to the DMC DJ Championships in London with Kool DJ Red Alert, Red Alert asked if anyone knew who he was. As hardly anyone in the UK had seen or even heard of the Video Music Box, I was the only person in the crowd yelling Crazy Saaaaaam!!!! Red and Crazy Sam were hilarious, they really made DMC fun! Although he did deal with really serious community and Political issues, he also showed that Hip-Hop and comedy do have a place together, and Crazy Sam is fundamental in that for me." - Shucks One ID

You Can Smoke A Spliff

Crazy Sam "Nervous Thursdays" on youtube
Sammy Mack aka Crazy Sam's website
Crazy Sam on Twitter

The Adventures of Billy Strong Boy "The Perils of Drug Distribution"

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