Tuesday, 2 November 2010

X-Clan at the 37th Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary NYC 12-14 Nov. 2010

Flyer designed by Ahki Sen One UZN over at the http://seehowitsounds.blogspot.com

XClan 20th Anniversary from Paradise Gray on Vimeo.

X-Clan were the pinnacle of the Conscious Hip-Hop movement with regards to imagery, production and structure. The Brooklyn based group fused Education with Funk, to represent a new Pan-African cultural shift in the Hip-Hop Movement, which also included artists like Jungle Brothers, Brand Nubian, Lakim Shabazz, Public Enemy, BDP King Sun and many others.

Hip-Hop is "a lifestyle, not a Death-style" - Paradise Gray X-Clan/Universal Zulu Nation/Blackwatch Movement activist breaking down the Universal Zulu Nation, the negative aspects of music industry, and the "inclusiveness of Hip-Hop Culture". Must see!!!

More info at www.zulunation.com

Hip-Hop Journalist, Radio DJ and Activist Davey D (not to be confused with Def Jam recording artist of the same name) discussing the lopsided and suspect marketing practices within the music industry,

DaveyD and Paradise "Grey" X are part of a a grass roots group called 1Hood more info can be found here

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