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The Universal Zulu Nation UK Present A Documentary Film Screening & Live Music Event For HIP-HOP History Month Wed. 24/11/10 2010

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MEE & The Village Productions Intl. in association with ZULU NATION UK present for HIP HOP History Month 2010: FILM & CABARET ON THE BROADWAY

The night will showcase Exclusive Preview screenings of Films past, present and forthcoming, including some must see documentaries and shorts. The film will also feature Question & Answer sessions by the Directors of:

Beat This! "A Hip Hop History" the Legendary New-York Hip-Hop film by
Dick Fontaine

Stay Sailing - "The Future of Pirate Radio" a new Documentary discovering the world of Pirate Radio in the UK by Furious (Itch FM/
Wilderness Pictures

Out 4 Fame a new UK Graffiti Documentary by

Stay Sailing "The Future of Pirate Radio"
Trailer from never before seen film about the future of pirate radio in the UK in the digital age. The film will be screened by Furious (Itch FM/Wilderness Pictures) on the night.

Featuring live performances with:

Iron Braydz

HKB Finn (from Legendary UK Hip-Hop group Katch22)

Natural Eloquence Trailer from HKB FiNN on Vimeo.

*Peace - Love - Unity & Havin' Fun*
*Knowledge - Wisdom - Understanding*
*Freedom - Justice - Equality*


November is Hip Hop History Month. The official birthday of Hip Hop is November 12th 1974. The official birthday of the Universal Zulu Nation is November 12th 1973 and there will be international events celebrating 36 years of Hip Hop and 37 years of the Universal Zulu Nation founded by the Godfather of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa.

To contribute The Universal ZULU NATION UK Chapter will be presenting courtesy of MEE & The Village Productions Intl. the monthly film showcase event: FILM & CABARET ON THE BROADWAY.

On Wednesday 24th November 2010 at The Heritage Inn, 301 Cricklewood Broadway. NW2 6PG. Map here
Doors open at 7.30pm SHARP!
Early bird tickets £7 and then £10 after 8.30pm on the night.

This event will celebrate the 5 elements of Hip Hop: DJing; MCing; B-Boying (Breakdancing); Graffiti Art; and KNOWLEDGE.
The night will be hosted by the lovely Lady Paulette (MEE & The Village Prod Intl) and Zulu Nation Rap Show radio DJ’s TJ Chill and Zulu King Echo

Lady Paulette (MEE & The Village Prod Intl)

The night will include poetry, film and music performances from Lady Paulette (MEE & The Village Prod Intl), Iron Braydz, Phrenzy, Furious (Itch FM/Wilderness Pictures), Cans Productions, HKB Finn (Katch22) and more.

There will also be special contributions from Zulu Nation member’s
Jda Kut, Shucks One The Idiot; Sifu Zhi Boa Aleem (Shaka Zulu); TJ Chill and very special guest!

Iron Braydz - Golden Legacy

For further details contact: Paulette Harris-German Mobile: +44(0)7958 288 438

This is a positive Universal Zulu Nation Community building event. come and support!

Zulu Family Unity!, Invincible Armour, Imperial Steps & Iron Braydz building!
Check out how the recent Universal Zulu Nation/ event at The Social went click here

Iron Braydz on youtube
Iron Braydz on
Wilderness Pictures

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