Monday, 27 December 2010

"F**K THA BUFF!!!!" Getting Rid of Graffiti (Rare 1992 Book Scan)

Top: Karm(tu,cd), Cena, Clas, Rece, Kue, & others Pedestrian Subway

Bottom: Kis42

"F**K THA BUFF!!!!" Getting Rid of Graffiti (Rare 1992 Book Scan)

It has been said before that a healthy Graffiti scene reflects a cultural city. London had in the past a very vibrant and unique Graffiti style, in the 70's with a fashion Skin Head and Punk graffiti and later the "New York Graffiti". To outsiders it would appear that those days are long gone. Nowadays with mandatory 18 month Prison sentences, wipe clean panels and texting the local council will get a buff team out within 24hrs, will it ever be the same?

Getting Rid Of Graffiti - 1992 Rare Technical Textbook on the Removal of Graffiti
This book is an Industry insiders book looking at the various techniques, all the photos are from London and from about 1988.

Dressed to Kill
Above: Cak1

Above: Poze, Scan1 and others in a classic pissy Estate Stairwell

Bottom: Yardies Crew, Mobism, Scrawl, Jay, Cade and others

Top: Freek DVA with traditional London style Throw-up

Middle: Justice, Imase, Rave, Cal, Hive, Live and others in Talgarth Road Pedestrian Subway
Bottom: Unknown

"Now lemmie take trip down memory lane..."
Event, Dize, Era, Car One, Fear, Prime and others in Covent Garden Tube?

Above: Buses used to ALL look like this

Below: Keep SAS and others Trackside

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