Thursday 16 December 2010

Who were Raw Breed? An Introduction to Early 90's Timbo Era Chorus Rap Part 1

Raw Breed Album Sleeve

In 1993, The Kool Skool's DJ O Double Ess picked up an album, called Lune Tunz by a group called Raw Breed, and also their 12" Open Season. It was one of the many one hit wonders (or almost hitters) that really reflect the early 90's, Onyx inspired Timbo Era (shouty-shouty) Chorus Rap, complete with chunky weeded out beats and "Muggs-style" whiney samples. EPMD, The Soul Assassin associated groups, Lord Of The Underground, Double XX Posse, Das Efx, and even the revamped "thugged out" LL inspired groups like Original Flavor, Brokin English Klik, Top Quality, Rough House Survivors, The Legion, Shades of Culture, and a (4th & Broadway signed) Mobb Deep to name just a few.

The often over looked Teenage 1st Mobb Deep Album (fresh from La Guardia School)

Double XX Posse "Eat em' Up Sugar Ray!"

The point is although some were definately better than others, record labels were literally farming out groups like Raw Breed with no information, after getting New York Hood Mixtapes and College radio shows rotation, would simply disappear. Recently, I was talking to Waxer from Disco Scratch about the many hot underground records from the "Mid-School", that never get play by the many "Old School DJs", who seem to only play all the most played out "This Is Rap" compilation songs of that era. Thanks to the internet and the Hip-Hop story diggers out there, these groups live again.

Raw Breed Inner Sleeve Members of the band

About 4 years ago I got the Raw Breed album on CD for about £1 in a closing down record shop and stuck it in a "to listen pile" and forgot all about it. Obviously the album has dated (especially some of the "Jam-erican chatting"), and although you probably wouldn't want to listen to the whole thing in one sitting, it definately has some decent tracks on it.

Open Season 12' Cover
B side track RAMPAGE OUTTA CONTROL featured fellow Boogie Down Bronxters Melle Mel, Ultra Magnetic MC's Kool Kieth and Godfather Don

As some of you out there might not know, in the old days, people would just study the covers of Hip-Hop records, studying, the clothes, landmarks, Credits, label info and especially the shouts-outs to snoop out more about a group. So here is a very brief (ropey) Inspector Shuckel's geeky audio and visual breakdown of little tadbits of info gleaned from the cover...

1. They are from the Bronx

2. At least one of them is wearing so much Desert Storm 1 camo he had better had been in the Army

3. Collage Fraternity Shouts suggest some of them were in collage when they recorded this (with at least two of them being Mature students)

4. D-Squared from B.D.P Co-Produced some of the tracks

5. Even though it is well produced, more than a few of the drum tracks are straight up Beat Jacks, Ultra, Double XX Posse, and Jungle Brothers amongst others

6. The fact that Kool Keith and Godfather Don from Ultra and Melle Mel are on it meant that they were well connected/respected as Ultra was still at its strength at the time. (One of them related to Kool Kieth?) The only other Ultra collabo I have ever heard of was with Dutch fast rap/Tuff Crew Beat Jacker King Bee

So that's about as much I could work out. Anyone out there know anymore? When I first started interviewing Hip-Hop artists before the internet I used to call on a few people who really new their shit! Calling Dr. Werner Von Wallenrod, Kid Dyno, DJ Aiden "Orange" Leacy & Aroe!!!!

Rabbit Stew video????

He goes into proper detail with interviews with people like The Legend of Newcleus - Cozmo D, Kurupt of the DoggPound, Kwame', even Awesome Dre one of the first Rapping Gangstas, funny reviews and videos. If you haven't seen it yet go there now!

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Twin Hype with his "Twin" classic

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Werner von Wallenrod said...

Hey, thanks for the props! =)

Yeah, one of Raw Breed (Marc Rippin') is Keith's cousin, and they still work together a lot.
Raw Breed went on to sign with Warner Brothers and put out some pretty decent stuff in the later 90s.

Red's Hip Hop Den said...

Yo this post is great I always enjoy learning something new with hip hop.

The Kool Skool said...

Many thanks guys much appreciated!!! All comments welcome!

diggin in the youtube crates said...

they are on a song with ICE-T's Body Count group. "My Way"

Anonymous said...

Alexander the Great is my uncle if you need any more info he has a Facebook and I'm sure he'd provide some