Saturday, 26 February 2011

"You Can't Have Hip-Hop Without A F**kin' DJ" DJ Scratch Tears Up Paris (New Video)

"Imma - imma play Jason" - DJ Scratch performing his infamous Jason Mask Juggle routine
DJ Scratch originally one of Klark Kent's Legendary "Supermen DJ's", later became E.P.M.D.'s DJ and more recently Jay-Z's Tour DJ. He is a highly accomplished and sought after producer. Check out his regular radio shows here and instant listen Podcast Mixes here

DJ Scratch Killin It in Paris (EPMD Show, Feb. 20th 2011) I saw EPMD with Scratch in 90' needles to say, it was siiiiiiiiick!

Just Dizle, aka Le Champion, is one of the most sought after DJ's hailing out of France. I had the pleasure of witnessing this first-hand as the spin doctor manned the wheels of steel at a recent party for industry staple Patty Laurent. With a crowd of insiders and celebrities, the self proclaimed outsider rocked the crowd like it was as unground sweat box in his native Paris.

Rocking parties is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just Dizle's domination strategy includes spreading his brand across the world to go along with his strength in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, the UK, Canada and the States. He's been on BET’s Rap City and also hosts a daily show on AllHipHop Radio.

He's a gladiator for Hip-Hop that does not believe in taking prisoners.

Just Dizle - Video Mix 2
Crazy Hot 1hr 10min Hip-Hop/R&B Video Mix by DJ Dizle from France!

DJ Dizle on Vimeo

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