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On To The The Next - Libya - Sinister Forces

Libya Before and After Image Shows What a NATO/UN Humanitarian Mission Looks Like
On To The The Next - Libya - Sinister Forces

"We hope Iraq will be the first domino and that Libya and Iran will follow. We don't like being kept out of markets because it gives our competitors an unfair advantage,"
John Gibson, chief executive of Halliburton's Energy Service Group, told International Oil Daily in an interview in May of 2003.

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Al-Jazeera footage captures 'British troops on the ground' in Libya or Mercenaries? May 30, 2011

Gaddafi speech: "America hanged Saddam, and you could be next!"
Gaddafi speech attacking Arab leaders during Arab summit in Syria, stressing that Saddam Hussein's fate awaits all Arab leaders who don't play the game. (Shot of Syrian Leaders face is interesting, will he be next?) Mar 30, 2011

Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi? Apr 26, 2011

Gaddafi's son: Libya like McDonald's for NATO - fast war as fast food Jul 1, 2011

Despot Deals: UK openly selling arms to dictators

Pepe Escobar - Invasion of Libya, Arab Spring & R2P on Red Ice Creations
October 20, 2011
Pepe Escobar, born in Brazil, is the roving correspondent for Hong Kong/Thailand-based Asia Times and analyst for Toronto/Washington-based The Real News. Since the mid-1980s he has lived and worked as a foreign correspondent in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Singapore/Bangkok. Since 9/11 he has extensively covered Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, Iran, Iraq and the wider Middle East. He authored three books and is associated with the Paris-based European Academy of Geopolitics. In the first hour, Pepe will talk about the neo-con agenda of “humanitarian imperialism” and the concept of RtoP, “The Responsibility to Protect.” We’ll discuss the NATO agenda and strategies in Libya. Then, Pepe talks about the Arab Spring, rebels and future guerilla wars. We’ll get into the specifics of why the west is so focused on Libya.

Why Did The U.S. Invade Panama? (1992)

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