Monday, 24 October 2011

*TOMMORROW* The Spirituals of Hip-Hop "Jouneys Possibilities Realities" - Hip-Hop Lecture 25/10/11

*TOMMORROW* The Spirituals of Hip-Hop "Jouneys Possibilities Realities" - Hip-Hop Lecture
An exploration into Hip Hops historical roots and connection to social and political struggles looking at how relevant Hip Hop culture is today and where it can take us.

This will be a talk followed by open debate with audience participation & questions welcomed..

Speakers include:

Hasan Salaam - Hip Hop artists and community activist from New Jersey.USA.

Apex Zero - Hip Hop artist and community activist. Graduate in Philosophy and Sociology.

Aude De Caunes - Cultural Activist in France & UK. Researcher in Musical Resistance in France. Lecturer in Politics @ Brunel University

The speakers will be considering the following points and much more:

Black music across the generations has always had a strong historical connection with social and political struggles for freedom, justice and equality. Hip Hop music and culture has played a major part in this history, inspiring several generations, and is arguably becoming a global form of expression. However with its growing connection to mainstream political ideology and values based on money, individual status and aspects of exploitation and inequality - To what extent does Hip Hop still provide a strong platform for positive social change, on a global or local level? Furthermore is this scenario leading to the disregard of other cultural, social and musical forms?

This is taking place at the London School of Economics (LSE), the nearest station is Holborn - turn left out of the station and walk down Kingsway until you reach Aldwych.

The full address is:
Room CLM4.02
Clement House,
99 Aldwych,

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