Monday, 16 January 2012

N.Y. & L.A. Legends demonstrate Black & Brown Unity @ "Occupy Skid Row L.A."

Public Enemy - Chuck D, Flava Flav & Proffessor Griff @ Occupy Skid Row

Yo-Yo "Don't Play With My Yo-Yo" and Kid Frost "La Raza" Perform At Occupy Skid Row In Los Angeles [1/15/12] 

"Besides Public Enemy, other hip-hop groups like Kurupt and Nipsey Hussle had their time to rock the mic. Others who performed included Freestyle Fellowship, YO YO, XClan, Mellow Man Ace and the ZZYZZX, King T, Rapper’s Rapp Group, Sir Jinx and General Population, Stilztik Jonz, JAHI, Arise Roots, the Egyptian Lover, Skid Row Flowing, Drummers, Joses Song, Linda Harris, Big Mack, OG Kid Frost, L.A. Possee, and "the Real" McCoy"


Public Enemy "911's A Joke"

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