Friday, 16 August 2013

10 Kool HipHop Things I Found On Sale on Ebay August 2013

Very Rare Vint Krylon 5 Dot Spray Paint Can Deadstock Very Collectable Display
Classic HipHop Iconic Paint, impossible to buy in the UK! 


Re-issue of 1996 Griffey Air Max

Late 90's Nike tracksuit top

Bought a pair myself, I think the guy makes him himself! Nice and heavy for DJing fiddly little 7"s!

Vintage Terrace hat, EPMD styling!

Facinating Conspiracy book by Kenn Thomas and others

Re-issue of 1989? Nike Air Trainer!

Tired of all your Reggae &"s getting scrathed in those crappy paper sleeves? Get some heavy weight Card Sleeves!

Unusual Carrara shape Cazzies!

Dope trucker hat for original bboys!

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