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The Return of The Get Open Crew!

The Return of The Get Open Crew!
Indiegogo Project:

The Hip-Hop group Get Open is back in the studio after a 10+ year hiatus. We're preparing a new mixtape and album entitled "The Week-End".
We need your support to make it a success. This crowd funding campaign will help complement our production budget which includes: Mixing by Ryan West, Mastering @ Masterdisk, Filming 3 videos, Hiring professional P.R. and other promotional companies.
We're trying to give ourselves a chance with our comeback project in an ever so changing music industry.
Thank you for your support!

Get Open

     Do you remember when rappers were praised for unique lyrical content as well as the ability to rock a party and make it jump? If you miss catchy lyrics that are also thought inspiring, Get Open brings back that authentic sound infused with consciousness and true school Hip-Hop essence that was all but lost. While the industrial corporate machine that dominates commercial radio and television is happy with maintaining the status Quo, we have seen the recent demand of die hard fans create a resurgence of thoughtful lyrics with rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco. Hip-Hop music has come full circle. The time is now for genuine high quality products to come to light. Music stores have all but disappeared but this affords all of us the power to choose what we believe to be good music for ourselves.
Kiambu, Dimitri, Siba & Von of GET OPEN would like to thank you for your generous contributions which will help make this concept a reality.

Get Open Campaign

The Recordings

Daddy-O from Stetsasonic is part of the Get Open Project

The "BlackBook" mixtape will be the first release, a free download; which wlll come with a digital blackbook of Graffti pieces by reknown (US-French) artists.
Featuring Daddy-O (Stesasonic), Little Dany (France), Jennifer Barrett (Jamaica), Baba Israel, Karnage, Jim McElwaine (Tenor Sax) & Stix Bones (Drums).
Production by Imhotep (IAM-France) & SibaGiba
Mid-Summer 2013 release.

"The Week-End", the full length album travels thru the 2 days and 3 nights at the end of the week when folks take time off to relax, party or travel. You'll find a mix of different styles of music, relevant to New York, urban life, a global vision, a sort of soundtrack of the concrete jungle.
Featuring DJ Rob SwiftJordana DeLovelyMarie MartinDJ Roger ReklessBaba Israel & Carlos Vasconcellos
Production by Imhotep/Akhenaton (IAM-France), Glam (Germany) & SibaGiba
Fall 2013 release.
Thank you to all artists involved, especially Glam/58 Beats for the inspiration to make this new record and Joy Poirel & Paul Hackman.

Get Open!


This Hip-Hop collective has been in existence since 1994, Get Open was founded by SibaGiba(Producer/MC) when he was studying music at SUNY Purchase College. He met the other 4 original members in school; Kiambu (MC), VonMeista (MC/Producer), Zook (MC) Los (Spoken Word/MC) and DJ Jes Lover (DJ/Producer).
Get Open has traveled and performed as headliners in Germany and France over the years and has also opened for artists such as KRS 1/BDPDe La SoulJungle BrothersTha Alkoholiks,Special Ed, and many others in the US.
Through a collaboration with composer Saundi Wilson who also attended Purchase, Get Open was featured with the late Jazz Trumpeter Lester Bowie's creation: Hip-Hop Feel-Harmonic orchestra in 1995, which assembled more than 40 musicians and Get Open.
During our senior year, 1996, we released our first 12inch vinyl single.
It caught the attention of West coasts DJs like J.Rocc (Beat Junkies), DJ Numark (Jurassic 5),Truly Odd (Heavyweights, Strong Arm steady), Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw) and T-Lovethe MC and journalist at URB magazine. From that single, Yellow Productions (France) today known for producing Dance/Pop act Bob Sinclar, offered the group an EP deal which went on to sell 5,000 units in Europe without any promo. It featured Sadat X of Brand Nubian.
During this time, Siba was enjoying great success after producing for Everlast's (House of Pain) multi platinum and grammy nominated album "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues". Overtime Records Inc was born and released a solo 12 inch single of VonMeista featuring Sadat X in association with Ozone Music (Co-Flow-El P, Mike Ladd, etc…).
Although still making music seperately, the group has been on a hiatus since 2001.
Siba formed Brüknahm with Mr Saundi Wilson, worked the Jettsonz Productions (Nina Sky, Sean Paul) and in 2009 co-founded a non-profit organization, the Hip-Hop Loves Foundation.

Dmitiri aka Zook is Professor/Doctor in Criminology @ Sacramento State U.
VonMeista is an Information Assistant at the New York Public Library.
Kiambu is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist.
Siba is a Licensed NY City Tour Guide
DJ Jes Luv is a Tour Manager for Bon Jovi (Not involved in this project)

Budget Needs

The budget for this project is $25,000 which mainly covers the items listed below. Get Open has spent the past 7 months recording, this campaign will complement our pre and post production costs. Other items not listed below will be financed by Get Open.
  • $10,000 Album Mixing & Mastering
  • $10,000 Promotion/P.R. for 6 months and online/viral marketing
  • $  6,000 Filming/editing videos


  • The WEEK-END CD/Digital Download
  • Get Open T-shirts (New Logo)
  • Tickets to future shows
  • Exclusive music from Get Open
  • A limited edition CD booklet (catalog form) by painter Jerome Lagarrigue
  • Appearance in a future music video
  • Attend a open studio recording session with Get Open
  • A private performance by Get Open in your home or venue (in NYC area, if outside NYC or Internatlonal, please contact us)
  • Executive producer credits on the new CD

Simple Ways to help Get Open

Please post and share this campaign with your family, friends co-workers via Email, Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media.
Please use the indiegogo sharing tools available on this page.

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