Wednesday, 7 January 2009

"Can't fool me my mind is free!!!" Real Reality TV

Here is a selection of independant films dealing with the state of Hip-Hop music and the many people asking valid questions about where the music is going, and why.

Quan Speaks on Nas, Cam'ron, Stop Snitchin & Hip Hop
"For real, I'm not perfect, but I know for a fact that some of the shit that some of these n"*&@s (Studio Gangster Rappers) is doin' out here and makin' kids think its cool? It's fucked up and wrong and I feel a really strong way about it" - Quan

What is a N*&*a? Pt. 1

Minister Abdul Muhammad asks "What is a n"@+a, n%*£@r or negro?" at N.O.I. Mosque Maryam in Chicago. This fascinating lecture is very relevant to the Hip-Hop community as a whole and it deals with the subconscious words, imagery and actions that are prevalent, reguritated and go unchallenged in modern day "Rap" culture.
Part 2

Part 3

Turn Off Channel Zero -trailer

Turn Off Channel Zero - Full Length
A grass roots documentary discussing and trying to confront the negative images and stereotypes of Black people as they are portrayed in the US mainstream media, featuring Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Paradise (X-Clan), Davey-D (Hip-Hop Journalist) and many others. A must see. Hip-Hop Elders taking a stand and being counted for the culture.

Turn Off Channel Zero

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