Tuesday, 27 October 2009

False Prophet Alert...

David de Rothschild photo that featured in a recent Observer interview
"David de Rothschild is a traveler and adventurer who also happens to be heir to one of Europe's largest banking family fortunes."


It is very possible the photographer who took the above photo that featured recently in the Observer Magazine decided to frame Mr. de Rothschild as a Messiah figure, perhaps due to his apparent shunning of his "families values". But as he mentioned himself in the article, "Conspiracy Theorists" are suspect of his motives, and he even mentions that he is supposed to be a "Reptile". We ofcourse are not suggesting he is, or that he doesn't have the best intentions for his positive mission, but you would think his P.R. people would be a bit more careful with how he is being portrayed in the media.

"My brother wonders why I can't just throw an egg at the prime minister," says de Rothschild, "but we live in a world obsessed by events, and we have to create events to make people sit up and notice." - David de Rothschild***

The image of the Skull and Bones has become an extremely popular icon in the modern visual Lexicon recently, especially on clothes. Interesting choice for a man who is pushing life, and that it references the flag of the original "God's Bankers" - Knights Templar after being repelled from Jerusalem. Most likely a coincidence no doubt...

In recent years Rothschild has formed an organization to help raise awareness of global climate issues as well as green living and technology.* The logo for his organization Adventure Ecology features a very Pyramid like shape. Perhaps rising over the crest of the North Pole where he sponsored a trip.

Logo for the upcoming trip.
"His most recent project, Plastiki, is scheduled to set sail in April 2009 for a 7,500 mile sea voyage on recycled plastic bottles."*

Logo for the "Educational Series" with Adventure Ecology logo floating above the earth

"He's got the whole world in his hands..."

Mr. Rothschild sporting one of the signature Adventure Ecology watches

Jesus Preying

Nice bit of Eye of Ra imagery from the website thrown in for good measure...

"David de Rothschild is the scion of one of Europe's oldest banking families, but he has a different idea of wealth: a healthy planet. So he built a boat from plastic bottles to sail the Pacific in search of flotsam and wisdom"**

"David de Rothschild
Fast Facts
Full name: David Mayer de Rothschild
Born: August 25, 1978
One of small group who has traveled across the arctic and antarctic ice caps
Named as an Emerging Explorer by National Geographic in 20072
Founded Adventure Ecology" *

Looks like we are not the only ones who saw the similarity... http://forums.ukcolumn.org/showthread.php?tid=344

Many so-called "Conspiracy Theorists" claim that Global Warming is a "World Stealth Tax" by "The Banking Elite" and that the Earth is either naturally heating up or cooling down. Infowars.com & Prison Planet's Alex Jones interviewed David Mayer de Rothschild in 2007 and the alternative theories are expressed her and all over the web. Listen to the interview here

His guide on Surviving the forth coming disaster discussed here


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Anonymous said...

The anti christ has been genetically created to look like the catholic Jesus. The catholic church created this idea of their false jesus by using the image of CESARE BORGIAS. The catholic jesus is not the jesus of the bible instead he is Quetzacoatl the serpent god or satan. The aztecs thought columbus was their prophesied savior. What did columbus look like? Tall in stature, blue eyed, fair skin, & long bearded. It looks like the catholic church's false jesus, doesn't it! The false messiah & false savior who will have the appearance of a good, godly, peaceful man will deceive the nations. He will be a wolf in sheep's clothing. He will have global solutions to global, man-made problems and the masses will follow him. He will use his influence along with trickery & deception to unite the world under one religion, one government & one currency.. Again his ideas will be solutions to end the world's problems of war, hunger, debt & he will usher in an era of false peace. So who is he? Who is this man that will accomplish the feat? It is a man with so much influence, wealth & power and whose gospel is that of global peace & his name is David Mayer de Rothschild who by the way also resembles the catholic Jesus -> Cesare Burgias --> Quetzacoatl.The Catholic Jesus is the sun god who has chosen sunday as his day of worship not the SON OF GOD who has commanded his true believers to worship on the 7th day of the week- Saturday! I have provided a framework of the antichrist so now research it for yourselves & draw your own conclussion.