Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Same Thing? Politico-Morphing

Russian Dolls featuring President Barack Obama & Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Is it us or is Politics becoming a bit similar? Here is a collection of stories that seem to suggest so....

UN Meeting last Month:
"As Russian, US and Chinese leaders delivered their speeches before the UN, it became apparent that global tendencies are changing and the alliances that seemed unlikely only a year ago have already started to form.

"All three leaders built their speeches on similar schemes – they presented a list of challenges that humanity in general, and the United Nations in particular, must, in their view, concentrate on.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave five points of the development program: creating a body to coordinate international economic activities, ensuring the security of energy supplies worldwide, strengthening the UN’s role, nuclear disarmament and tackling regional conflicts. US President Barack Obama said that there were five challenges the international community has to face now: terrorism, local conflicts, nuclear proliferation, climate change and poverty. Chinese President Hu Jintao said that the key issues were international security, free trade, joint fighting against climate change and promoting international tolerance and diversity."

Although Medvedev and Obama’s reports were very different in style, both speeches were strikingly similar in essence."
- Russia Today

U.S. Military so desperate for the go ahead with European Missile Shield that they will bring Russia into the fold??? Wasn't it created to protect Europe against Russia?

Russia Today - Joint use of Radar?

Obama new missile defense policy to shield Russia too?

The Ex-Presidents from the film Point Break

Ex-Presidents with current President Obama after he took office
2 Republicans & 2 Democrats
The Ex-Presidents, arranged un-simetrically and un-chronologically, Obama's fellow Democrates are on the outskirts of the Bush huddle.

Building with Bill, Hillary hangin' with Big Dubs!
The two former Presidents and wives at Ted Kennedy's Funeral
Interesting video of Clinton commenting on investigating UFO reports and the Bio-technological future. "I wouldnt be the first President that underlings have lied to".

Obama Administration Defending Bush Civil Liberty Violations and more???
Interesting Russian website Russia Today has featured the recent lawsuit against military intelligence elements in the U.S. Government "The law suit is filed against the National Security Agency (NSA), which was given permission to wiretap people’s conversations within the U.S. after 9/11." Russia Today

Also mentioned is the fact that the States Secrets Act has been over used, denying transparancy in goverment and un-Constitutional. More info here

Interesting interview with author and political consultant Naomi Wolf about alleged sanctioned Allied torture, and Obama Administration Whitewash of Civil Liberty violations.

"A New World Order is emerging" - Gordon Brown (again...) at the G20
1.1 Trillion Dollars pledged to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank
"The world's biggest economy, the United States, has the largest quota in the IMF", and has by far the largest amount of votes within the Organization*


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