Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Not Another Drop Peace March - **UPDATE** 26/9/09

Violence affects us all!

The Kool Skool went along to show our support to the Not Another Drop March through the Brent Borough. It was a beautiful day, and there appeared to be well over 350 people, and considering the media tells you that, (especially young) people are "apathetic", it was amazing to see. Immediately one thing that did stand out was the apparent lack of Media presence, no BBC London, ITN not a single film crew... Perhaps the Media is apathetic?

The March left from Roundwood Park and ended at Wembley Stadium

The Kool Skool N.A.D. - Mini Movie part 1

The relatives represent all sections of the society

The March reflected all ages...

It was very humbling to see so many people united for such a worthy cause. It wasn't a political March in the traditional sense, it was concerned neighbors, family and citizens coming together to demand change. The marchers represented all Races, Ages, Sexes, Religions and Nationalities that make up London united against violence and gang violence.

Vanessa Hyman who sadly lost her son

Relatives listen to the guest speakers

Patrick Jacobs Chairman of N.A.D.

This year the focus was trying to make Londoners think about London as a village, and looking at every person's responsibility to maintain that. The Not Another Drop Chairman, Patrick Jacobs gave a very interesting speech explaining what part of that entails, and our duty as a Citizen of London, or any city.

The Kool Skool N.A.D. - Mini Movie part 2

Local Community Radio DJ showing his support

Members of local government, MPs, members of the London Fire Brigade, Metroplitan Police, London Ambulance, and the Community all came to show their support and respect to the many Marchers, and young people that they have a great value, and deserve to be protected.

Many thanks and respect to Vannessa Hyman, Not Another Drop & all the many people who came to be counted.

Not Another Drop

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