Tuesday, 16 February 2010

DJ Leacy 1971-2004 R.I.P.

DJ Leacy 1971-2004 R.I.P.

Break DJ Leacy was a UK Breaks DJ who redifined the modern B-Boy DJ, by digging and popularizing more than just the traditional breaks. In the mid-90's along with his brother "Aiden Orange "Leacy, they put on a B-Boy Jam called Battle Royal and invited alot of the worlds best to Battle. The B-Boy scene was ignored by the mainstream "Hip-Hop industry" and the jam helped to inspire a new generation of B-Boys and reaffirm the UK's place on the International B-Boy stage. DJ Leacy went on to be the official Bboy Masters Pro-Am DJ and was legendary on the B-Boy circuit. Sadly he passed away in 2004 but his impact on the B-Boy scene is undeniable.

Koneeroc interviewed him at the 2003 Miami Pro/Am. It really illustrates his hard work ethic and Hip-Hop's positive competition tradition

His B-Boy mix CDs are standard at B-Boy training sessions and his Break Compilations shut down a lot of competitors, (at least they stopped some of the phone inquirers)

Breaksploitaion Leacy's Breaks Series
DJ Leacy's cover art and flyers were usually designed by All-round B-Boy and UK Dynasty Rocker Representer Dan Duce his amazing artwork can be viewed here

The Leacy Brothers in 96' at the Pro-Am.

"The "BREAK DJ LEACY CHIEF ROCKA AWARD 2009"....presented to the b.boy/girl who rocks with the most finesse, style and originality at the UK B.BOY CHAMPIONSHIPS, since the passing of BREAK DJ LEACY in 2004, the award is in memory of him and to keep his legacy alive....the dancer is picked and the jacket is presented by CRAZY LEGS of the ROCK STEADY CREW."
the jacket was created by TUF TIM TWIST..RSC.. and more info can be foundhere

DJ Leacy Tribute at The UK B-Boy Championships

The Kool Skool Radio Show and DJ "Aiden Orange" Leacy often used to combine shows on ItchFM, the UK's only All-Element Hip-Hop Radio Station. An excellent producer, he has produced several UK Hip-Hop tracks and DJ "Aiden Orange" Leacy is back on the B-Boy curcuit!!!


Waxer said...

I just wanted to say big big big respect for posting this about Jim, he was a legend in the scene, someone sadly I never met, but my mate Duce knew him well and was shocked at his untimely passing, a great loss at such a young age. Your post made for great reading and I'm glad someone has recognised this legend. If you don't mind I'll put this up on facebook and in my forum to try to pass on the knowledge. Again many thanks and nuff respect.

The Kool Skool said...

Kool absolutly. I only met him once at his Breaksploitation jam. Please put it up. I also have some pieces about Hip-Hop shops that have closed down as well if your interested:



And Mike J from Demon Boys

Duce is a legend! Peace

couc0 said...

dj leacy es una leyenda
su musica es increible

descanse en paz hermano