Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rock Steady Crew 16th Anniversary 1993 Live! *Mega Rare*

Rock Steady Crew 16th Anniversary 1993
Live From Rock Steady Park New York

Found deep in the Kool Skool Tape Vaults:
Featuring DJ Honda, Artifacts, Kurious George, Dj Q-Bert, Zulu Gremlin, Urban Soul, Scratch Pickles (West Coast Rocksteady DJ's), KRS One, Mad Lion, Fat Joe & Lord Finesse

Hosted by Bobbito, Crazy Legs & Bönz Malone

Download/Listen Here

Features the famous Lord Finesse diss against Lords Of The Underground for "stealing his name", DJ Q-Bert and the Scratch Pickles (West Coast Rocksteady DJ's) fresh from winning DMC World Champions, Hip-Hop Gold!

Also found on Press Rewind If I Haven't…
Bönz Malone interviews Tame One & El Da Sensei for The Source, back in august 1994. Artifacts freestyle is from around the same time, on the Stretch Armstrong Show, hosted by Bobbito. Go here


Dutch Old School Fan said...

thanx for sharing the tape! I pointed my blog visitors to your great blog.

verge said...

WOrd, word, word, word, word. I just linked this up on the TROY forum as well. Great shit here, thanks for the share.
This blog going straight to my google reader so I won't miss a thing.

The Kool Skool said...

Many thanks, it goes without saying that we are fans of the old school hiphop tapes and T.R.O.Y. blogs!!! Much appreciated!
Peace from The Kool Skool