Saturday, 13 February 2010

"Does This All Sound TOO Familiar" - Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle - 19 Trailer 25th Anniversary
"25 Years ago, I recorded the song 19, the idea came about whilst watching a documentary which highlighted the plight of young men and women who fought in Vietnam.

In World War 2 the average age of the combat soldier was 26, in Vietnam he was 19 these words really made me stop and think.

When I first approached Chrysalis Records with the Demo of 19 most people there didn't believe it would get any attention as there would be no interest from the media, and I quote the public dont want to hear a song about war.
Its now the 25th anniversary since the release of 19, only this time the documentary I am watching is about the British soldiers who would be serving in Afghanistan. I hear the words I looked at my Men, The average age was 19, my god Im taking boys to war, It was unbelievable, almost the same words that gave me the original idea to record 19, this was all sounding too familiar."
Paul Hardcastle

The Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed
"The Bush family, the Saudi Royal family, Osama Bin Laden's family and Donald Rumsfeld's inner circle - these are just some of the high profile figures who have played a direct role in the rise of one of the most powerful and influential and secretive firms in Washington. The company is called The Carlyle Group. And in the wake of the events of September 11th and the invasion of Iraq, its power and influence have become significantly stronger. The company operates within the so-called iron-triangle of industry, government and the military. Its list of former and current advisers and associates includes a vast array of some of the most powerful men in America and indeed around the world. This program exposes the history of the Carlyle Group, from it's inception as a private equity firm to it's precent status as one of the largest defence contractors in the world." from here

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