Thursday 25 March 2010

Blackbook Mathematics with London Graff Legend MR. MET CBM

*The Kool Skool Exclusive*
MR.MET Blackbook Mathematics

Mr. Met at the "London Handstyles" Book Exhibit
If you missed it check The Kool Skool exclusive Exhibition ***MOVIE***

Recently The Kool Skool met up with Legendary Bush Master Met in Europe's most famous Hall Of Fame - "The Pit", and had the opportunity to have a flick through his infamous Blackbooks. Met's traditional Wildstyle blackbook sketches are well known in the UK scene, and he kindly allowed to free up a selection for The Kool Skool regulars. Mr. Met is a foundation Rocker in the London scene, recently featured in the "London Handstyles" Book, and is gearing up for a Style Summer Smackdown.

"London Handstyles" Book out now
Available to by here
The Blackbook Version is on its way...

"This book is a piece of history, the best thing since Subway Art!"

Pure CBM & Mr.Met CBM

"Bring Back '89" by Mr. Met

"Where's the Fun Gone?" by Mr. Met

The Nasty Habits by Mr. Met

Mercorze "Graff Grandads" by Mr. Met

Keeley "Felt Tip Funk" by Mr. Met

Corze NHS stylin' in Mr.Met's Blackbook

Met One LB, NHS, Cbeeeees by Mr. Met

Ventz by Mr. Met

Owed LB owning Mr.Met's Blackbook

Mr. Met by Mr. Met

MistaMetRocs by Mr. Met

Asiue shining in Mr.Met's Blackbook

NHS Crew roll call by Mr. Met

Mr. Met & Owed

"Oh you c**t, you're gonna put this on some wierd Pyramid blog!!!!" - Mr.Met

Check the Mr.Met interview at the excellent RT website


.................Groningen de Koningen! said...

Nice drawings!!

corze said...

you know it! said...

true graffiti king

Anonymous said...


The Kool Skool said...

Yo Event! Hope your good

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to be a hater, but you don't get to be a graf legend simply by being around for a few years. I was there back in the day and Met was the biggest no-nothing toy there was. Tell it like it was!

Anonymous said...

Young writer in no nothing toy shocker