Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Star Wars Rap Rape Scandal!!!!!

We recently mentioned the God awful Flash Gordon X Nike Dunk "Collaboration" and then we saw this!!! The Adidas creative department can't be that stuck for ideas can it???? Star Wars??? Come on!!! You only have to look at the "Family Guy X Star Wars" cross over to see its a cheap money spinner! Does George Lucas really need anymore money? Can you rape a great film series any more? Let's not even mention of the Rape of Old School Hip-Hop Culture!!!



Am I 12???????? This is only going to be a hit with weird middle aged Toy collectors

Weird middle aged Toy collector

Doesn't anyone else find these Played Out???

If in doubt drag Dumb Spice, I mean David BeckNam into the campaign......

"These are not the Dumkoffs you are looking for..."

Does this not say "Punch me"?
Found here at the excellent ILoveBeerandGraff site

Hayzee (Zwart Licht) - Press Start
Dope, original Dutch Video

Is it me is this really similar?

If only they would stick to this!!!

This is more like it!!!
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