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War Of The Worlds, Amerika & Hoax News

This is amazingly suspect. Since the 2008 South Ossetia War which involved Russia, Georgia, and South Ossetia, there has been serious tension that threatens the entire region. A region sensitive for Oil Gas and other natural reserves, and geographical access to those reserves. The Russian Government and many in the region, accuse the United States of interference in its former states and in that region in particular, and at the time there were even accusations of covert military involvement in the war.


Whatever the political gains the opposition party members would gain by protesting, there are serious questions being asked in the above RT piece, why did a "State Television" run a reckless piece replicating a Russian invasion, with what many Georgian people are alleging as, poor warning that the invasion was a work of fiction? A case for Psychological warfare?

Georgian Girl claiming "Russian troops were protecting them from Georgian Troops."
In the 2008 Georgian/S.Ossetian War, many people saw this as an example of Fox News censorship
"There are grey areas in war..."

On October 30, 1938, Orsen Wells read and produced a 3 part mini series as a modern version of H.G. Wells classic A War Of The Worlds
. The radio show was relayed live on Halloween, and cut through regular broadcasting, it was so realistic that it caused widespread panic, and many Journalists and socual commentators are making similarites between the two media tests... (Psyops anyone???)

This phenomenon is not new especially, when "Aliens" are involved. In 1977 British ITN news was interrupted by "A Real Alien Message", and it has happened many times before. In the 1980's British, and especially American Television made many feature length drama about Nuclear Holocaust with Soviet Russia, Russian Invasion of the U.S., or Alien Invasion of Earth. For anyone growing up in the 80's the fear of Nuclear attack appeared real... At the time (and perhaps now), a lot of this type of "entertainment" was discribed as very realistic, or by others as blatent fear mongering, and even Propoganda.

War Of The Worlds - 2005

There is a current trend of remaking many of the Apocolypse style movies and shows of the 1980s. Here is a list of a few examples of those Television shows and Films:

Red Dawn 1984
Trailer here
Russian & South American Communists invade the U.S.

McDonald-ski! Super-Power size me-ski!

They are actually making a re-make!!! More info here Maybe to coincide with the Health Reform Care Bill?

Right Wing Poster Critising Obama for his Universal Health Care Bill and seeming Socialist leaning

Or worse that he is a Fascist?

10 years after the War against the Russian invasion

Amerika 1987 ABC-mini-series cover

Naked Dawn
Rob Schneider will save us!!!!

Aliens invade the U.S....

but are they what they seem????

Clue- Hide the pets!!!!

V - 2009 Remake

V - 2009 Trailer

Resist or Persist

Day Of The Triffids - 1962

Day Of The Triffids - 1981

Day Of The Triffids - 2009 Remake Trailer

The Day After - 1983

Threads - 1984

Threads - Full Film 1984
Russians strike the UK with Nuclear attack.

There is a concept in the so called "conspiracy theory" community that in the near future, 2012 in particular, that a Alien or religeous diety will be artificially be projected throughout earth to unite humanity for a new phase of our existance. In a recent BBC Advert, it would probably appear something like this.

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