Monday, 16 August 2010

1st Zulu Nation & Party Review

Zulu Family Unity!, Invincible Armour, Imperial Steps & Iron Braydz building!

1st Zulu Nation/ Party Review

On the 31st of July The Universal Zulu Nation (UK Chapter) and Hip-Hop Culture Radio Station hosted a party bridging True School and New School Hip-Hop. B-Boying/B-Girling, real DJ skills, Knowledge and visual arts were all represented. There were a lot of old and new faces, and the the original Fingers, Shucks One from The Kool Skool, Def K, Penfold, Wan Cee, Iron Braydz, Kashmere and Cross Bone T, Invincible Armour. For more details about the artists and party check here

The event brought a lot of Old School legends out of the wood work, Scientist of Sound, Aqil, DJ Skamrok, Aiden Orange Leacy (Itch FM), Tubbs and 1200's (Itch FM) and many familiar faces. The idea was for different generations of UK Hip-Hop to come together, build and bring the family together!!!

Mixers got slapped

On the night there was a selection of DJ talent:
J'da Cut
Shucks One from The Kool Skool
The Universal Zulu Nation


The Imperial Steps B-Boy crew catching wreck

Ain't no Locking up now!"

B-Boying on the hard concrete


Invincible Armour: Dizar, Ironfingaz, Downlow and J'da Kut the 4-"person" DJ crew cut it the f**k up

DJ Fingers rockin' the vinyl

DJ Fingers on the 1200's

Penfold from Itch FM smoothed it out with the party classics

Def K tore it up with traditional DMC style


Kashmere 3rd Eye wide open

Iron Braydz (right) & friend

DJ/MC TJ Chill the hardest working Zulu hosted the jam with style and finesse

Wan-Cee suprise guest killed it with his MCing and spoken word set

Party People


Party People

True School and New School combined: HQ Boss, The Original DJ Fingers, Kashmere, DJ Dizar & Downlow


Imperial Steps and Imerse ID

Welsh Zulus represented

Check out for podcasts, live broadcasts and info on more True School parties and events

Also check out the new The Universal Zulu Nation (UK Chapter) website

The Kool Skool would like to thank J'da Cut and the family for organizing such a positive and peaceful event!!!

Most photos are the sole property of J'da Cut!!!!

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