Friday, 6 August 2010

Blackbook Mathematics with North Holland's NOZM of Sexy People

Cold World

*The Kool Skool Exclusive*
NOZM of Sexy People Blackbook Mathematics

Hello My Name Is...

On the recent ID over seas trip The Kool Skool had the opportunity to hook up with Nozm of The Sexy People, he reps for Holland, (not to be confused with Nozm from Tats Cru). We were lucky enough to have a flick through his Blackbook, and to show how other people rock their pages, we thought we would give you some North Holland flavour! He is also really nice at Soccer... um we mean Football! Enjoy!!!

Sexy P's

Nozm, Oreo (by Shucks One ID) & Rocks (Character by Rocks)

Nozm Detail

Sketch of the day


Explosive Thorns

Air Wafflers

Junk Wafflers



Younger Younger Death on a Tricycle Blud!

Alien BBQ

Nozm Heating It Up A The New Attractions Festival

More Nozm graff @ his Flickr

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Yo Wisher, Pref, Sexy People, Def Kids, AssPussy & Morge!!!!

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