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ABBEY LINCOLN - Vocalists, Actress & Activist R.I.P.

ABBEY LINCOLN - Vocalists, Actress & Activist R.I.P.

"Hello People, Bonjour a tous. Oi do Brooklyn,

A few days ago the world lost one of its dearest and most talented female vocalists, actress and activist. ABBEY LINCOLN.
I'm extremely sad as she had become one of my favorites. She was not doing well health wise during the last couple of years. A 50 year recording and performing career, married to Max Roach for 8 years. Golden Globe nominated actress for her role in "For The Love Of Ivy" (1968) with Sidney Poitier and music by Quincy Jones.

I never had a chance to see her performing live but did meet her once to offer her my mother's book "JAZZ ZOOM" where she was interviewed and photographed.

Summer 2005... After a long phone conversation, I finally convinced Abbey to personally deliver the book at her home. The visit ended up lasting 3 hours.
Asked me who I was, questions about Desdemone (mama) who she had met a few times, all this over a glass of red wine. Bien sur.
She slowly looked at the book, page by page, once stopping shedding a tear, touching the pictures. Recited a couple of poems, sang a few melodies. I was stunned and floating.
She showed me her home photo gallery which included photos off her and many Jazz Legends: Monk, Bird, Coltrane, Dizzy, Miles, you name them... A photo museum.
Before leaving she offered me a re-mastered DVD copy of "Nothing But A Man" (movie she starred in 1964), she had just received 10 copies.
What more can I say? What an encounter!!!
I was so touched that I sent her flowers a few days later.

Check out her discography
Suggested Listen:
-Abbey is Blue
-We Insist, Freedom Now
-Who Used To Dance
-Wholly Earth

Peace & Blessings

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