Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gusmo Gangstarr Foundation Speaks? DJ Premier Stole Money & Addicted To Drugs???? (Video Interview)

Gang Starr Broke Up Because DJ Premier Was Smoking Crack And Stealing Money? Beats for Porn???? Say what????? 
Really don't like promoting Negative videos, especially about my favorite Hip-Hop Group, and although he may has sour feelings, Gusmo is no fan of Solar. There are toooooooo many of these "Exposed" Rap DVDs, made by the left behind Hood guys these days. In the interview he breaks down the link between Solar & Guru, and other stuff. Tell me it ain't sooooo!!!!! There are also a few serious DJ Premier haters on youtube leaving horrible messages on the Gusmo Interview youtube page, Solar maybe????? 

Forbez DVD is dope, they do all the Papoose & Hood Rap videos. 
Interview by Doggie Diamonds @therealgusmo

But Aside all that here is what we remember Gangstarr for ^ !!!! 
***According to Lord Finesse, the guy who ran Tuff City Records was influential in putting Premier & Guru together, as they both worked at the label. I will be putting the full Lord Finesse interview together in the near future.***


Anonymous said...

Like you even have to ask if it's Solar leaving all those Preem hating comments? The dude has been all over YouTube the last year with multiple accounts. They're pretty easy to spot - bad spelling & punctuation, accounts created close to when they were posted, etc. All totally John Mosher himself.

The Kool Skool said...

Hahaha! right! Whoever is leaving some of those comments it seems they are taking it too personal!
Hahaha! Thanks for the comments