Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mike Allen Capital Rap Show

Mike Allen and Salt n' Pepa

"Mike Allen Capital Radio Show, In the 1980's Mike Allen hosted a Hip Hop show on London's Capital Radio 95.8FM, the show was responsible for introducing many of us in the UK to the world of Hip Hop.

The show ran from late 1984 to the summer of 1987, in retrospect this short period of 2-3 years seems like a drop in the ocean but the reality was that Mike's show was massively influential in the growth of this new music form in the UK.

What was so great about Mike's show was his enthusiasm for the music and his unbiased attitude towards his playlists. If you ever listen to a WBLS Mr Magic show from the same era you will notice that the records played were almost all NYC releases or at least east coast in origin. Mike would play every type of Hip Hop no matter where it came from so you got to hear east coast, west coast, Miami and even the odd UK release, so complete coverage of what was happening at the time." - From 

For more info on old UK Hip-Hop Stores check UK HIP-HOP IS DEAD? Part 2

"Groove Records Hip Hop Sales Chart broadcast on the Mike Allen Capital Rap Show on 21st February 1986.
Groove Records was a small independent record shop in Soho, London. Every Friday night Mike Allen would count down the top 20 records on his Capital Rap Show."
Thanks to Anonymous for the heads up!!!!

Great interview with the man himself herehttp://testpressing.org

Loads of old Mike Allen radio show uploads and more here @ http://old-school-hiphop-tapes.blogspot.com

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