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Whitney Houston R.I.P., Star Wacking & Soul Legends Response to Houston's Passing & The Mu-Sick Industry

Whitney Houston R.I.P., Star Wacking & Soul Legends Response to Houston's Passing & The Mu-Sick Industry

Khan: Clive Davis party was 'insanity' 

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Soul Legend Chaka Khan responds to Clive Davis' decision to continue his own Grammy Party, in the same hotel that Whitney Houston tragically passed away only hours earlier! Disturbingly, the day before her daughter Bobbi Kristina Houston had allegedly fell asleep and had to be rescued by security, in the same bath as her mother tragicly passed away in, the following day...

"Bobbi Kristina Brown 'almost drowned' in bath just 24 hours before Whitney Houston found dead. Bobbi Kristina Brown reportedly had to be rescued after she fell asleep in the bath just 24 hours before her mum."

As a teenager, early in Whitney Elizabeth Houston's career, she was presented to Clive Davis by her cousin Diane Warwick, and became her mentor. Over the weekend, Clive Davis spoke of their relationship here and explained "yes, I was her industry father".

Chaka Khan says music industry is Demonic

"I had a manager once who said to me: 'you know your worth more dead than alive.'" - Chaka Khan

The expression "Star Whacking" defines the alledged practice of killing or "assisted death" of Stars to profit financially on the increased commercial interest the Stars death will stimulate. "Whacking" is Mafia slang for Killing someone. This could make particular sense on Artists, who perhaps have reached their cresendo in their careers, or for health reasons or through substance abuse will never be able to make a "come back".

LaToya Jackson Claims That People Surrounding Michael Jackson Involved in Conspiracy Responsible For His Death

The Music industry in particular, and the film industry to a degree, are taking huge financial knocks due to Pirating, and over-whelming stagnation of CD and DVD sales. Increasingly the Entertainment Industry and the people surrounding the star maker industry has had to be extremely creative when trying to "re-coup" from the Artists they are promoting. An example of this is, the "Cross Marketing" of Musicians into the Film Industry, and vice versa, huge Commercial Campaigns and Endorsements, Artists coming out of retirement, and large scale tours. While the Entertainment Industry is obviously just that, an Industry, it is well known that it has a checkered past to say the least, and as far as its inception, has been "a den of thieves. "Artists" are being exploited by a huge machine, designed to suck every penny out of the "Star" by non-Creative people for their own benefit. At the end of the day, a Star is viewed as a Product, a Brand. With the rash of the somewhat suspisious passing of some of the Popular Music and Film Stars, one could start to ask if in this desperate times, certain Criminal elements behind the Stars are cashing in on renewed interest in Stars, whose lights have dimmed, or are losing the battle against substance abuse, or appear to never be able to regain their Glory/Financial clout, and so are are "worth more dead than alive...

Randy Quaid's Bizarre "Star Whacker" Speech to Vancouver Media

"We are refugees - I mean that's essentially what it is - Hollywood refugees, seeking to be left alone by the criminals," Evi Quaid said. "I genuinely feel like these people are trying to kill us." Randy said those against him "follow us, they tag our cell phone, they hack their computer," adding that "now with the Internet, a celebrity is fair game" in hopes of pumping up advertising profits. Randy denied that he and his wife were on drugs or are mentally unstable. The couple, married since 1989, also claimed that other celebrities may be in danger, including Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson.

More on Randy Quaid and Esoteric links to "Star Whacking" can be found here:

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown at their 1992 Wedding

The media have bashed Whitney Houston for many years now, critizising her appearance, and almost revelled in her public fall from grace. Her ex-Husband Bobby Brown has faired equally badly in the light of his many personal problems. As already well established celebrities in their own right, "The Bad Boy of R&B" and "The Princess of Pop Soul" were married in their early 20's, and they had several children. Becoming almost royalty to many in the African-American community, the strains of public life took its toll on the relationship, and some in the press claim that it was a arranged marriage, for whatever reason, to hide private reasons, or as some have suggested (unfairly) to make the clean cut Whitney, more palettable to African American Market. People blame Bobby Brown for many things, but reguardless of whose "fault" it is for Mrs Houston's addiction, it should be remembered that both Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were very young teenagers when they were thrust into a very bright limelight. Should not some blame should be pointed at the guardians, and managers of these Celebrities, then minors in their care? 

The tragic passing of Whitney Houston has been linked like Michel Jackson, Heath Ledger and others to an accidental Prescription Drug Poisoning or "toxic combination of prescription drugs", has set the internet buzzing with alledged "Illuminati" proof that she was Sacrificed for Occult ritual purpose. Here is a 2 part video that encompasses much of the theory at present, but we are not saying this is fact, just here for your interest.  

Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI Part 1

Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI Part 2

More "Evidence" 

The excellent  Secret Sun Blog written by Author wrote a much more respectful and measured anylasis here

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