Thursday, 29 November 2012

"Can't Forget New Jersey" Documentary Trailer & Rare Flavor Unit Videos & Interviews

DJ Mark The 45King and his FLAVOR UNIT a New Jeruse Conscious Powerhouse
The New Jersey Super Crew originally included Apache (R.I.P.), Double J, Lord Alibaski, Lakim Shabazz, Latee, Queen Latifah, Shakim C, Chill Rob G and others (not all featured). Flavor Unit was loosely linked with Lord Finesse and D.I.T.C. and Gangstarr in the early days, and the Unit went on to manage and release on Flavor Unit Records several big groups in the early 90's such as Black Sheep, Freddie Foxxx, The Almighty RSO, Nikki D & Channel Live. Anyone who knows anything about late 80's Hip-Hop know Mark The 45 King produced & remixed many of the Underground hits, was on a par with Marley Marl and Herb Luv Bug Azor. The Unit MC's had a lot of hits!

Can't Forget New Jersey is the first episode of the docu-series "Hip-hop's Great Migration" which explores hip-hop's roots in various locations around the world. Featuring, the God Lakim Shabazz, Do-It-All (Lord Of The Underground), Treach, Kool DJ Red Alert and more!!!!

Lakim Shabazz & DJ Cee Justice Performs "Pure Righteousness" on Nightmusic 

Queen Latifah & 45 King 1989 Interview on Rapido UK TV Show

MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D (Double XX Posse) - Knock Em Out Sugar Ray (The 45 King Remix 1989) 

Free South Africa Hip Hop Against Apartheid - Ndodemnyama 
Old school Hip hop 1990 with: Afrika Bambaataa, X-Clan - Brother J, Professor X, Lakim Shabazz, Afrika Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers, Mike G of Jungle Brothers, UTFO, Master Rob of Ultimate Force, Grand Puba of Brand Nubian, Kings Of Swing, Queen Latifah, Solo, Revolucien, Lin Que, Arthur X

The Flavor Unit MCs - Roll With That Flava (All-star Posse Cut)
Featuring Naughty By Nature, Fu-Shnickins, Freddie Foxxx, Queen Latifah, Heavy D (R.I.P.), D-Nice, Black Sheep, Kid Capri

Naughty By Nature talks Flavor Unit and working with Queen Latifah plus the ill town label, lyricism, and all the new avenues to pursue as a Hip Hop artist

Naughty By Nature - 1,2,3 Featuring Lakim Shabazz & Apache (R.I.P.)

Lakim Shabazz Sits Down with Positive Force/Irvin J Productions 
The God Lak breaks down heavy Lessons original Hip-Hop, 5%ers in Hip-Hop, Black Power/Conscious Hip-Hop, New Hip-Hop, How The Flavor Unit got together, hanging out with Biz Markie and how he might have signed to Cold Chilling Records, how he gave Latifah the "Queen", where New Jeruselum name came from, Video of sit down interview with Lakim Shabazz of the Flavor Unit by Positive Force with Irvin J Productions. Another Irvin J Productions exclusive !!

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